• What chores did adults do?
  • What chores did children do?
  • Who did the hunting and fishing?
  • What games did children play?
  • Responsibilities: Who is in charge?
  • woman in the tribe make fire, they put up the tipi,and the also put up some worm animal beds and the dad goes hunting for buffalo of or some fish
  • The children help their parents if they have a boy the boy will go hunting with their father and girl will set things up with their mom.
  • The father would do that or if he had a son he would go with them.
  • Cheyenne children played with toys made out of buffalo bones. Th also played a game called cat's cradle. They even had games for woman, they liked to play a dice game called fond of dice and the dice was made from bone, fruit pits, wood, and beaver teeth.
  • Sweet Medicine was the leader of the tribe his responsibility to make sure the tribe had everything they need to survive but he was not the only leader of the Cheyenne there was also a leader named Real bird his main job was to get meat like buffalo because these are all the things that help the have a comfortable life, with a large tipi. The woman practice many craft they learned from their mother and they make all the clothes for their family. When the children grow they will do the same thing for their family.

The cheyenne people were hunter,s gatherers,and farmers.they moved fromthe nothern great lakes area to minnesota territory and settled there then they were driven to north dakota by the sioux and had many battles with them. General George fought in battle but in battle many of the 300 men daed in battle.The cheyenne people lived in groups bands. men to protect the women of cheyenne.The children help there moms the tipi.The woman of the tribe would always carry the tipi sticks whenever they moved. The kids like to go hunting and fishing and sometimes the like to go with their family they also sometimes do job like gathering water.